Sorry again for being sloppy bastards — this seems to be a theme.

We’ve spent our time since the last entry in:

1: Kakogawa with the lovely D’Vonne and her awesome fiancé Yuhki.

2: the historic castle town Himeji + a tiny mountain outside the city called Shosha.

3: Kobe, with an obligatory meal of Kobe beef (which is absolutely amazing).

4: in the capital, Tokyo!

We arrived in Tokyo on Sunday 13. Since then we’ve simply been wandering the city, seeing amazing things and meeting great people all around. We’ve been to sumo fights, tiny bars, thousand year old temples, one of the world’s largest fish markets (while drunk of course), we’ve been lost half a dozen times, we’ve eaten eel liver, whale bacon, chicken giblets and probably the freshest, raw tuna you can get.

Tomorrow we split ways until the 25th when we meet back up again in Kyoto. Mats will be going to the northern most province of Hokkaido where he will be visiting beer breweries and bear country, and Benjamin will visit a holy mountain called Koyasan and will there be staying in a temple for a few days, subsisting on a vegan diet among chanting monks.